About us

Our story:

We succeeded as specialized company in organizing exhibitions by holding exhibitions in the most important specialties like Syriatech, which is one of the most successful specialized exhibitions in the field of technology and information and which made success in the previous years, and now in 2018, it is in the fifth session.

Also our company holds furniture and interior design exhibition which is a specialized exhibition in all matters related to household like furniture, curtains, furniture fabrics and kitchens, in 2018 it is the second session.

Beauty and wedding exhibition which contains all concerned to woman like cosmetics, care and wedding fashion, in 2018 it is the fourth session.

Finally; wood and requirements exhibition which is one of the most important specialties that would participate in rebuilding Syria, where is will attract foreign companies specialized in raw materials for wood industry.

Creators company is proud that it is the most exhibition organizers credibility in Syria, and this credibility was earned through our successful work with most important companies.

Our services:

The list of services provided by Creators for exhibitions and conferences contains all exhibitions requirements to be the provider that clients relay on to fulfill all services related to organization of exhibitions, conferences and commercial delegations.

Creators for exhibitions and conferences provides a full set of services and exhibitions events that designed to fit our clients’ strategic needs, which include:

  • Supply and execute display stands
  • Media and advertisement
  • Organizing press conferences
  • Planning and executing local public relations campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns for visitors
  • Design and execute signage and ads
  • Printing and preparing name signs for exhibitors
  • Supply and manage visitor registration area and VIP list
  • Design and execute marketing materials (Brochures- posters…)

Creators for exhibitions and conferences provides integrated exhibition services which conform to the highest professional standards of developing this vital important sector, which participate significantly in economic development.

Creators company seeks to put Syria on the map of the best countries that are able to host and organize conferences and exhibitions at global standards, through its approach that focus on results and details simultaneously.